About Us

Our Mission

The Bronx Community Supported Agriculture, which is a mixed income CSA, provides an affordable alternative to standard grocery shopping. We work to provide healthier food choices for Bronx residents, where options are limited and many budgets are constrained.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are found throughout New York City. Through CSAs, people are able to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits directly from local farms; this eliminates the middle man and ensures that the money spent goes directly to the farmers, which helps to support our local economy. The Bronx CSA differs from others in that our central aim is to foster a healthy and affordable food community where there aren’t many options available. By ensuring the availability of the freshest produce in the Bronx for people of all income levels, we are working to increase food security in the community, while providing universal access to healthy food.

We are organized in partnership with the New York City Coalition Against Hunger to bring fresh, local, affordable produce to all Bronx residents, regardless of economic status.

Our farm partner is Fresh Radish Farm, a small 9 acre family farm located in the Black Dirt region of Goshen, NY and Hepworth Farms, a 7th generation family farm located in Milton, NY.

Click the following links to view our 2015 CSA brochures in  English and  in Spanish.

Contact Us

To become a member, or for more information, you may contact us by email at BronxCSANYC@gmail.com or by phone at 212-825-0028

2 responses to this post.

  1. Just wondering if any of these products might be organic? Although I am interested in supporting this program, I recently made a commitment to myself to eat organic products as much as necessary and as much as are available.
    Thank you,


    • Hi Kim. Our vegetable farmer, Felix, at Fresh Radish farm uses all organic and sustainable farming methods (pesticide free, seed saving, etc). That being said, he is not Certified Organic only because the certification process is long and costly. He is, however, working with various organizations to get grants that will help him obtain the certification.

      Our fruit farmers at Hepworth Farms are not Certified Organic, but that is because it is nearly impossible to find fruit farmers in our region (due to our weather) who would be able to cultivate their fruits without some form of pesticide. Again, that being said they use as little pesticide as they possibly can and try to avoid spraying the fruit directly.


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